Developer: LucasArts
Release Date: October 31, 1997
Source Code Release Date: Not released

The Curse of Monkey Island is a point-and-click adventure game that follows the continuing adventures of Guybrush Threepwood. This time, Guybrush must rescue his love interest Elaine Marley from the clutches of the evil pirate LeChuck, who has turned her into solid gold. Along the way, he must navigate treacherous seas, outsmart a voodoo priestess, and face off against LeChuck's undead minions. The game features an engaging storyline, hilarious dialogue, and memorable characters, including the sassy pirate hunter Morgan LeFlay and the eccentric inventor Wally B. Feed. With its gorgeous visuals, witty humor, and challenging puzzles, The Curse of Monkey Island is a true gem of the adventure game genre. It was the twelfth and final game to use the SCUMM engine.

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Source Port:
  Universal 2 for Apple Silicon and 64-Bit Intel Macs  
Third Party Build

Build Date: December 6, 2023
Installation instructions

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